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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The House Sparrow

The House Sparrow's scientific name is Passes Domesticus and becomes the Passeridae family. Males house sparrows have blackish chins with a gray top head. The females have brown-grayish beaks with brown streaked wings.  Although these birds are very small, they are very noisy and like to sing as well. House sparrows are social birds who love engaging in activities like dust and water bathing. but they may show aggression towards other birds or animals if their eggs are in the same area as them. Males can have one mate for life or can have one mate. Females lay 4-6 eggs but both parents raise, protect and feed their nestlings. House Sparrows are very common in many countries so they don't typically migrate. They love to like in man made structures like cities and parks. The build their nests in places like trees, warehouses, factories, and even zoos. Their diet consists of caterpillars, worms, and other small creatures. They also like to eat food crumbs, seeds, and berries from trees or bushes.    

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