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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blue Jay

The Blue Jay's Latin name, Cyanocitta Cristata, was earned due to its blue colored crest. Although we see what appears to be blue feathers, they are actually melanin brown and because of the modified cells on their barbs, they give off a blue color. Other than that, they have streaks of black and white and have a grey or white chest. Their behaviors make them an annoying yet interesting bird. They are social and are close with their family members. They are also known to mimic the cries of other birds such as the hawk in order to scare off any threats or competition when getting food. Blue Jays eat acorns, seeds, and even caterpillars and beetles if they have to. An interesting fact about their acorns is that if they bury them and forget about where it was grounded, it grows into a new tree. They plant these acorns to store them for a later time after migrating or another reason. Some will migrate South, stay in their place, or go South again the next year. Scientists have a hard time understanding why, but what they do know is that their population is spreading west. Well, where exactly do they go/where can you find them? Their residence is anywhere you can find their food of choice. Typically, the millions of them will be in or around forest edges. With the blue jay population in the millions, their status is of least concern.

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